Origins in Print

Origins is designed to publicize and advance the goals of the archives. These include the gathering, organization, and study of historical materials produced by the day-to-day activities of the Christian Reformed Church, Calvin Theological Seminary, Calvin University, and the diverse communities that support them. The archives also include extensive material on modern Reformed Christianity in North America and on Dutch immigration and Dutch North American ethnic communities.

Volumes 1 to 37 (1983-2019) of Origins are available below. Volumes 38 on (2020-present) are available only in hard copy from Heritage Hall. Contact us at if there is a back issue you would like to purchase.

A subject index to articles in Origins and a variety of other periodicals is available via the CRC Periodical Index, maintained by the staff of the Hekman Library. To limit your search to Origins material, select “Origins” in the “Publication” box. A hard copy index of the first twenty years is available in the Fall 2003 (vol. 21, no. 2) issue of Origins.

An annual subscription to Origins currently costs only $15 for two issues.

SUBSCRIBE TO ORIGINS or PAY FOR SCANNING AND RESEARCH. In the “store” this link takes you to, you’ll see a Heritage Hall option on the right. Click on that. It will take you to a page with options for “Research & Scanning” services and for “Origins – Subscriptions and Contribution Options.”

All contributions go to the “Origins Fund,” an endowment that supports the production of the magazine, the publication of other material related to Heritage Hall, and other special projects not covered by the annual budget.

Past Issues

The back issues of Origins, up to the most recent four years, are freely available here for research and personal use. Neither the whole issues nor individual articles should be published in any form online or in print without permission from the curator of Heritage Hall.